We have storage areas divided into several independent cells, equipped with individual racks and accumulations to achieve an optimal storage capacity.

A team of experienced fork-lift operators rotate in 3 8 so as to adapt to the various variations in volume and to meet more specific demands.

The building to the Q18 standards, under intrusion and fire protection, is equipped with 5 loading platforms and two direct access doors on the foot.

Accompanied by a stock management software with flashers and labeler we can respond to any type of storage (Picking, order preparation, FIFO or LIFO method, etc.). Fully equipped with electrical equipment (2 retractable mast trolleys, a front trolley and a pallet truck) we are active in the respect of the environment and practice clean storage.

Our deposit of Amiens it is:

– 12,000 m² of area divided into four cells

- 6000 locations

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